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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Drastic Changes to Brooklyn Hospitals Proposed, Car Crashes into Gem Meat, and Demographic Changes Might Affect Our Congressional District

1) This New York Times story goes over proposed changes to hospitals in Brooklyn. The key paragraph related to our area:
Other recommendations include closing inpatient services at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center; consolidating State University of New York-Downstate medical beds on the campus of Long Island College Hospital; and bringing salaries and fringe benefits for both unionized employees and hospital executives into line with revenue.
Earlier New York Times stories about this process are here and here.

2) On Saturday, a driver who apparently mistook the gas pedal for the brake drove her car through the front of a Nostrand Avenue grocery store. According to this CBS News report, one person was injured badly enough to be taken to Kings County Hospital. Video and other information is available here.

3) This WNYC report goes over the way that recent demographic changes in central Brooklyn might affect our representation in the 11th Congressional District.