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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crime Report (Week of October 12)

We're starting what we hope will be a weekly feature: presenting summaries of the previous week's crime data from the two police precincts—67 and 70—that patrol our neighborhood.

The news is bad (a total of 3 murders and 14 robberies between the two precincts, among other things), and it's made worse by knowing that last week there were more crimes committed in our precincts than in neighboring precincts (63, 69, 71, 73 and 77).

The data comes from Everyblock.com. Follow the links to see more detailed information.

Precinct 67 39 crimes reported in Precinct 67

Week of October 12, 2009: 2 murders, 8 robberies, 7 felony assaults, 7 burglaries, 5 grand larcenies, 10 grand larcenies (auto).

Precinct 70 34 crimes reported in Precinct 70

Week of October 12, 2009: 1 murder, 6 robberies, 4 felony assaults, 7 burglaries, 13 grand larcenies, 3 grand larcenies (auto).

On the same site, you can also see disturbing lists of recent restaurant inspections, alongside more general information, including real estate and business news. Here's their listing for information related to ZIP code 11226.

They seem to follow the city in calling much of our neighborhood Rugby. Here's their summary of recent crime reports for Rugby-Remsen Village, a much wider area but still suggestive of the kinds of problems we face.


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